(i) Having or showing courage, determination, and spirit.

(ii) (of food or drink) strongly flavoured.

Gutzi is a range of tasty, savoury sports food created to combine energy with natural, refreshing flavours.

Gutzi snacks are developed by athletes for athletes, though don’t let that put you off. While our origins are in endurance sport, our products are designed to appeal to anyone looking for an alternative snack – whether you’re running up a mountain or simply running late for work.

Why savoury?

The sports food market has exploded in recent years, with more brands and products springing up all the time. But isn’t it a little strange that there are hardly any savoury flavours on offer?

We like sweets as much as the next person, but there’s a limit to how much sugar you can have without feeling a bit, well, eugh. Apart from anything else, it’s a bit repetitive. So why shouldn’t there be a choice?

There’s also a need to replace the salts lost during exercise, which serve all sorts of purposes such as reducing the risk of cramp, avoiding overhydration and helping recovery.

Can’t I just use real food?

Of course. People find all sorts of ways to feed themselves on a run, ride or race. And that’s fine – if you’ve found what works, why change? But for those of us who are looking for an easier option than broken crisps or squashed sandwiches, Gutzi solves a problem. No fiddly wrapping, no spoiled food, just easy-to-eat, tasty, energy-rich snacks.

Made with natural ingredients and based on favourite flavours and recipes, Gutzi is as close to real food as you can get while out and about (short of asking your mum to stand at the top of the hill with a plate of shepherd’s pie – though wouldn’t that be great?).

Is Gutzi just for when I’m racing?

The truth is, it’s for whenever you like – a pre-training snack (fills a gap but not too heavy), race day or post-workout.

So why Gutzi?

  • A savoury alternative to all the sweet things out there
  • Innovative flavours
  • Easy to carry, swallow and digest
  • Real snacks made with real ingredients
  • Helps replace lost salts
  • Kind on the stomach
  • Vegetarian (vegan options available)
  • Tested by athletes

We love what we do, and hope you will too. Whatever madcap adventure you’re up to, happy snacking.