They say all good things are worth waiting for…

The innovative nature of what we are doing at Gutzi means this isn’t an overnight fix. By challenging the market, choosing alternatives to the usual (sugary) ingredients we’re pushing the boundaries of food science, manufacturing and sports nutrition. We could cut corners to get things on the shelf quicker but, like you, we like to do things properly.

We are developing two different products to meet the needs of active, hungry people who are tired of the same old cereal bars and gels.

Power Pouch, a carbohydrate-rich paste packed full of flavour, herbs and veg. A cross between a savoury gel and a pureed meal. Easy to swallow, high in carbohydrates and ‘real’ flavours rather than the usual glucose and fructose of sports gels.

Oat bites, punchy oaty snacks packed with slow-release energy, vitamins and salts.
Following initial trials, we’re now in the next stage of development to find the perfect combination of flavour, texture and shelf-life.  It turns out this is much trickier than you might think, so please be patient – we’ll let you know how we get on.